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The Ascension - Cycles of Humanity

Here again the complex plane is an appropriate tool in representing the ascension of the collective Man and His final mergence with the Infinite Null.

The above drawing shows the slow, spiraling journey of the collective Man towards Final Mergence. In the process He transgresses cyclically through the four yugas many times before He reaches His Final Destination. His Final Mergence coincides with the end of the universe of this creation. The transition from yuga to yuga is marked by a change of polarity and hence tumult. But this transition is only planetary and not universal, whereas the Final Mergence is a universal phenomenon. Hence the yugas themselves are merely an intraplanetary occurrence.

Here, it is interesting to note that:

1. it does not preclude the individual man from reaching this final state of mergence through his/her own personal endeavours,
2. the term "collective Man" refers not only to mankind on earth but also life elsewhere in the universe. So it naturally follows that the creation, rise, fall, and eventual destruction of life on earth occupies only a small and insignificant window of time in the life of the universe. This would on first glance create a paradox - the collective Man is subjected to the turmoil of the yugas, the yugas themselves are localised at the planetary level, but the collective Man is universal. How can this be reconciled? It is important to note that the yugas are intraplanetary not "intra-earthly". That is to say life on every planet is subjected to its own cyclic yugas which need not be co-incident with the cycles elsewhere,
3. the positive and negative polarities shown are merely conceptual; that is positive does not necessarily mean good and negative, bad. But if positive is good, negative must be bad, or if positive is bad, then negative must be good.

After the Final Mergence this Leela is repeated with a different set of starting values. It is repeated, and repeated, and repeated. Endlessly.

Now one may ask, what is the need for these endless cycles of creation and destruction? This unending madness? This "cruel" game of the Supreme Being? Although there is no definitive answer to this question, it can only be surmised that self awareness of the Supreme Being, created in It a Supreme Loneliness, which in turn gave way to Desire. And perhaps this Desire created the Infinite Numbers and the Universes. So it is essentially an unending Game; the Supreme Being entertaining Itself!

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