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Time and Space

The illusion of Time and its twin, Space, is the grandest amongst all illusions.

Let us plot Space and Time using the complex plane. We shall plot Space along the real axis and Time along the imaginary axis. Now, here Time should not be confused as being imaginary. The complex plane is merely used as a tool; as we use it in Electrical Engineering to split alternating currents into their real and "imaginary" components.

As can be seen from the figure on the left, Space and Time intersect at point Zero; the point of creation where Space, Time, Matter, Energy etc. were non-existent. But this raises one problem. What is negative Space? What is negative Time? Both are indeed meaningless in the absolute sense. So how do we counter this problem? Reversing the direction of the negative components of Space and Time seems to be the answer.

Thus we get the Space -Time plane shown below:

In the figure on the left, you may notice that the directions of the arrows have been reversed in the previously negative side of the space and time axes.

Stretching this argument further, we get the axes of space and time each closing in on itself as shown in the figure below:

Space and Time become endless cycles intersecting only at point Zero, where both merge into non-existence.

This throws up some interesting properties of the Space-Time of our Universe. Let us for the time being omit Time and concentrate only on three-dimensional Space, of the Universe in which we live in.

The surface of a sphere, as we all know: (1) closes in on itself, (2) is two-dimensional, (3) encompasses a space that is three-dimensional.

Now let us try to imagine a three dimensional equivalent of this two-dimensional spherical surface. It is actually quite impossible to imagine this for us three-dimensional creatures. But a few properties may be deduced by extending the above argument. The properties are:

(1) It would close on itself. That is to say any ray of light originating from any point within the space and pointing in which ever direction would eventually return to the source from the diametrically opposite direction (provided that the light ray (a) travels in a straight line, (b) does not change direction, (c) is not blocked by any object).

(2) The space that this three-dimensional space encompasses is four-dimensional (spatially) and beyond our imagination.

It would seem as if we are in a universe of cyclically growing space which would eventually collapse to nothingness and then explode to being; the cycle repeating endlessly!

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