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I have written two novels: "The Poocha Purana" and "Killing the Red God". The outlines and excerpts are given below. I am currently looking for a publisher for them though, I must admit, I have been rather shy in embarking on a vigorous “submission” programme apart from sending out a few stray query letters now and then. 

Should you be in some way connected with the publishing industry (a literary agent, editor, publisher or even a published author) and feel that my work has potential, I would be most grateful if you could drop me a mail and direct me suitably.

The Poocha Purana

What is the ultimate obsession you can have? What if that obsession eventually destroys not only you, but your very soul?
These are the fundamental questions that are explored in depth in my novel, The Poocha Purana (Cat Tales). This is a multi layered tale centred around the concept of Karma and an obsession for perfection. The protagonist, Poocha, is a soul who has attained liberation from the wheel of Karma. He is asked by God to give hope to another soul Mo who is still hopelessly caught in this cycle of birth and death. Poocha's main task is to show his early lives to Mo, dissect his former ugliness and instil hope in Mo through the story of his ascension. This is the story of Poocha's incarnation as Abdu, the perfectionist actor.


Killing the Red God

Dilip Nair, the narrator and protagonist of “Killing the Red God,” a forty-something Indian immigrant to Singapore, is going through a mid-life crisis. His marriage with the ambitious Nisha, which had caused his estrangement from his parents in India, is falling apart. Moreover, his separation from his young daughter, Pooja, who is in a boarding school in India adds to his woes. Dilip, who is poetic and agnostic, is also meek by nature and cannot go against the domineering Nisha, who does not want her daughter’s presence in Singapore to interfere with her career goals. In this scenery of things enters the young and beautiful Kavitha. Kavitha the poetess. Kavitha the new-age believer. Kavitha the telepath. Kavitha is a US citizen of Indian origin, whose husband has been posted to Singapore. Kavitha too is in an unhappy marriage — a marriage of convenience. Dilip and Kavitha meet at a party and have a torrid affair. Kavitha believes that Dilip’s daughter is her mind-child, and she is obligated to train her in the art of telepathy once Pooja reaches maturity, like she herself was trained by Crystal, an African-American woman. Kavitha coerces Dilip into making a trip to India after learning that his father is hospitalised with a cerebral stroke. Kavitha accompanies Dilip to India, where he has not been for more than a decade. Dilip is re-united with his daughter and parents. This trip to India holds some surprises and changes Dilip significantly. They return to Singapore to face an explosive truth and a climactic finale.